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The 19th Local Snack Class Food Creative Achievement Exhibition of 109 School Year

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  • Last updated:2021-02-22
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On January 07, 2021, the 19th Local Snack Class Food Creative Achievement Exhibition will be held. Under the guidance of the masters, the students in the Snack Class learned a semester of local snack cooking skills. In the process, they not only exchanged skills, but also interacted with each other. In class, the division chiefs used group discussions to make plans and ppts. Therefore, at the results exhibition that day, students not only announced the sources and methods of cooking dishes, but also cooked many exquisite dishes with skill. The faculty colleagues and students present were surrounded by a warm and cheerful atmosphere on the spot; the sumptuous cuisine not only made people feel amazing but also brought a full sense of accomplishment to the students! During the awarding process, the bright eyes of the students told every chef who taught them how to be grateful and moved. After the sharing and exchange time, Principal Tu Zhihong and Master Lin Zhengying expressed their expectations and hope that the students participating in this exchange meeting can start a new journey in their lives with full energy and blessings after the training.





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