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Historical Evolution

  • Historical Evolution

        Ming Yang High School is under the Agency of Correction,Ministry of Justice. The forerunner institution of Ming Yang High School was "the Juvenile House of Correction of Kaohsiung‚ Taiwan" which was established in October,  1956 and was subordinated to the Social Welfare Department of Taiwan Provincial Government.  Its original name was "Taiwan Provincial Juvenile House of Correction of Kaohsiung" and was located at Ling-Ya District of Kaohsiung City.    It had been changed the name into "Taiwan Provincial House of Guidance and Nursery, Kaohsiung." in February 1959.    It was renamed as "Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile House of Guidance And nursery "and changed to subordinate to MOJ in July 1981.    It was moved and rebuilt to this site : Yen Chao Shiang, Kaohsiung County, in October 1995. In July 1999, it was changed to the new system and renamed as "Ming Yang High School."   Accommodating students     The accommodating students of Ming Yang High School are the juvenile prisoners who are between fourteen to twenty-three years old and committed crimes when they were under eighteen years old. It accepted one hundred and eighty seven students from Sin-Ju Juvenile Prison on August 1999. We went to the prisons all around the country and selected fifty new students on January and February 2000. From then on, all prisons send their juvenile prisoners to our school to receive corrective education before 5th every month.  

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