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(Academic Affairs Office) Spring Festival reunion dinner allows students and their families to celebrate the New Year happily around the fire

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  • Last updated:2024-02-19
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The Lunar New Year is approaching, and we miss our loved ones even more during the festive season. In order to relieve the pain of missing our loved ones among the students in our school, and let the students feel the atmosphere of the New Year in advance, we will hold a Spring Festival Family Reunion and Reunion on the morning of January 29, 2024 (Monday). During the dinner party, 100 students and 232 family members met.

In view of the fact that the "Reunion Dinner" event held in 2019 and 2020 was unanimously recognized and praised by the students' families, it was resumed after the COVID-19 epidemic was lifted. We hope that through this meaningful reunion event, students and their families can relive the New Year. The joy of having a reunion dinner together around the fire and celebrating the New Year happily.

From time to time, students and their families could be seen hugging each other excitedly or chatting about everyday things at the wedding venue. Principal Tu greeted all the family members one by one and wished them a good year. At 10:20, all personnel moved to the student dining hall to participate in this year’s reunion dinner. In addition to the 50 tables of meals carefully prepared by the school, the dishes sent by family members could also be enjoyed together. Everyone ate around the round table, and there was a strong sense of excitement. Feel the warm and joyful atmosphere of having a reunion dinner during the Spring Festival.

Writing brushes, red paper and other utensils were also prepared at the dinner party, allowing both parties to express their wishes or auspicious words to each other through words. The scene was filled with joyful and warm scenes from time to time. The event ended with a feeling of reluctance. Both parties were looking forward to the next intimate meeting, and hoped to return to society as soon as possible and share the happiness of family. (Academic Affairs Office)

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