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The girls' class participated in the 112 years National Grade C Technician Certification for Women's Hairdressing

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  • Last updated:2023-08-03
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June is the month when the results of the school’s skills training courses are accepted. On June 3, the girls from the school’s female class took the lead to participate in the female hairdressing technician’s skill test at the Kaohsiung City Hairdressing Association. Pioneering, in terms of teacher appointment, the school specially hired teacher Cai Chunxiang to enter the school to guide students in hairdressing professional skills. Through the teacher's systematic professional training, every student scored high in the subject test in March. Last Saturday (June 3) I have also completed the technical test project, and I look forward to successfully obtaining the technician certificate, which will draw a perfect end to the skills training and learning process of this school year. In addition, this time the students were able to go out to participate in the national skills test. Thanks to the head of the Corrections Department and the teachers in the school for their assistance, and thanks to the partners of the Skills Test Center of the Labor Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor. In the academic test, students have arranged independent examination rooms for students. Being able to take the exam calmly shows proficiency in skills and acquires a skill, so that it is easy to find a job after leaving school.

#Thank you to the supervisors, tutors and teachers who left the school for the protection of the academic department.
#Technical occupations have a bright future after reading well.

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