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(Academic Affairs Office) Inter-class badminton competition in the second semester of Mingyang Middle School 111 academic year

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  • Last updated:2023-06-01
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From April 17th to 21st, 2023, the school held the inter-class badminton competition in the second semester of the 111th school year at the Zhizhenlou and Zhimeilou badminton courts.

Badminton is one of the most popular sports among the students of our school. The students who signed up for the competition this time were very enthusiastic. Each class sent players to participate in the singles and doubles competitions. The physical education teacher's skill guidance before the game and the active practice of the participating students made the game more interesting and stimulated students' interest in badminton.

Although one student surnamed Zhang abandoned the match due to a sprained foot in the preliminaries, the other players who watched the match were deeply moved by their superb skills and strong will to win in the first match. On the morning of the finals on April 21, 2012, President Tu Zhihong, Vice President Xu Binghui and Secretary Shi Yongtian came to Zhenlou to cheer and encourage the champion and runner-up finalists. Through tactical deduction and teamwork, singles and doubles The students participating in each group showed a high degree of ambition to win and resistance to pressure, especially in the situation of equal strength, every ball is very precious, and even affects the result of the entire game.

After a wonderful battle of back and forth, climaxes, occasional cheers, and sometimes grievances, Class A of Senior Two and Class B of Senior Three tied for the championship and won everyone's applause; Class B of Senior One and Class A of Senior Three tied for runner-up On the throne, Principal Tu presented certificates and prizes on the spot, drawing a perfect conclusion for this badminton competition. (Office of Academic Affairs)

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