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(Academic Affairs Office) Mingyang Middle School 112 years year of the whole school's mother's day face-to-face meeting

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  • Last updated:2023-08-03
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The annual Mother's Day is approaching. During the festive season, we miss our relatives a lot. In order to relieve the suffering of the students who are admitted to miss their relatives, so that students and their mothers or family members can spend the festival warmly, we specially hold a special event on the morning of May 8, 2023 (Monday). A face-to-face kiss meeting was held for all students in the school on Mother's Day, and 79 students received a meeting with 184 relatives and relatives.
After the family members of the students enter the campus, they are guided to the auditorium to watch the student talent show and student life silhouette videos as usual. This time, under the guidance of the music teacher, three students, Zhang and Chen, composed their own special lyrics and composed two songs, "Just Want to Tell You" and "Regret". Your love for me has not changed, and your care has no limit like the sea..." Every line of the song from the heart touched all the relatives and family members who were watching. Later, during the parenting education and parent symposium, President Tu Zhihong first wished "Happy Mother's Day" to the family members present and expressed his greatest gratitude and respect. Then he introduced the vice principal, secretary and teaching, learning, The Director of the Third Division finally hopes that the students will never come back after leaving Mingyang, and that they can become mature and responsible people in society. This time, the school prepared carnation bouquets more thoughtfully, and after Principal Tu presented them to student representatives, the students hand-delivered them to their mothers or family members, filling the auditorium with a warm and touching atmosphere.
Afterwards, in the dining room and classrooms, there were hugs of reunions after a long absence everywhere, which made some parents weep with joy and reveal their true feelings. After opening the chat gate, the relatives and relatives expressed each other's recent aspirations in the eloquent words. Some students also took the opportunity to display the technical training works they made by themselves. In the process of sharing with their families, the students' self-confidence and sense of accomplishment were enhanced.
In order to enhance the family connection between students and their families, class tutors, counselors, social workers and psychologists constantly shuttled around the venue. In addition to having heart-to-heart talks with relatives, they also shared students' learning achievements and life details at school. Introducing the school's friendly facilities and diverse teaching situations. It is also hoped that through the maintenance and connection of family ties, students can feel at ease in school, repent and improve. The pro-kiss meeting ended successfully in an atmosphere of reluctance among the students and their parents. Both parties looked forward to leaving school as soon as possible, becoming newcomers, and contributing to the country and society. (Office of Academic Affairs)

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