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(Academic Affairs Office) Fo Guang Shan Charity Foundation and Ming Yang Middle School jointly organized the activity of "Celebrating Laba Festival, the Anniversary of Buddha's Enlightenment and Praying for Laba Porridge"

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At 09:30 on December 30 (Friday) of this (111) year, Master Zhizong, Master Yourong, Yu team leader Shufen, senior brothers, etc. came to the school to handle "Celebrating the Laba Festival Laba porridge on the anniversary of the Buddha's Enlightenment". 132 teaching staff and 116 students participated in the "Pray for Blessings" activity, a total of 248 people participated.
This (12/30) day is the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar when Buddha Sakyamuni became enlightened and became a Buddha. "Buddha Enlightenment Day" is also known as "Laba Festival" in custom. The teaching staff and students of the school get together with the Laba porridge to pray for safety. The Laba porridge is eaten on the Laba Festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There is also a folk saying that "the Laba porridge can't be eaten. If you eat the Laba porridge, you will have a good harvest." Good luck never ends.
Today (30) coincides with our school holding the Creative Poetry Answers and Basic Coaching Competition in the first semester of the 111 academic year. Although the weather is cold, teachers and students drink hot Laba porridge after the competition. Eat it in your mouth and warm your heart. Thank you Buddha Shanxi Mercy Foundation shared Laba porridge with teachers and students of the school, full of happiness (Academic Affairs Office).

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