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Mingyang Middle School's unique students have a Spring Festival kiss meeting

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  • Last updated:2023-01-10
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The Lunar New Year is approaching, and during the festive season, we miss our relatives a lot. In order to alleviate the suffering of the students who accept them and let them feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in advance, the school will hold the Spring Festival for all students on the morning of January 9, 2012 (Monday). A face-to-face meeting was held, and about 300 students and their family members met each other.

Due to the impact of the severe special infectious pneumonia epidemic, the face-to-face kissing activities for one and a half years have been suspended, and all have been changed to telephone kissing. The face-to-face family meeting was finally resumed. Early in the morning, many family members from the north were waiting for the registration at the school gate. Some parents with limited mobility tried to come to see their children even if they were in wheelchairs. During the pleading meeting, you can make face-to-face pleading with your relatives to comfort the pain of family affection and lovesickness.

Before the event started, President Tu Zhihong presided over the parenting education and parent symposium in the auditorium. During the meeting, he especially thanked the family members of the students who took time off from work and came to visit the students from afar. The greatest power of rebirth.

From time to time, students and their families could be seen excitedly greeting each other, wishing a happy New Year, or gossip about family affairs at the meeting place. Principal Tu even sent greetings to all the family members one by one and wished them an early year. It is worth mentioning that the special decorations at the Kenqin venue were made by students who participated in the competition of the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei hosted by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications. The family members of Kenqin can first appreciate the creativity of the Jade Rabbit Lantern and show the students’ daily learning achievements. In addition to unanimously giving extremely high evaluations, the relatives of the relatives have a deeper understanding of the school's efforts in developing students' diverse learning.

I saw with my own eyes that when a student surnamed Yang saw his wife walking slowly with her daughter under the age of 1, both sides couldn't help the touching scene with tears in their eyes, and it also infected other relatives. Tell each other how to miss each other. Before the meeting, the school recorded the "Pillow Talk" audio-visual disc for Yang Sheng more intimately. The words and sentences in it were all thanks to his wife for his hard work and apology and concern for his family. Give it to my wife to bring back for viewing collection.

The event finally ended with reluctance. Both parties looked forward to the early end of the severe special infectious pneumonia epidemic and the return of life to normal. It is hoped that the students will study hard, pass the National Class B and Class C certificates, turn their lives around and return to society as soon as possible, and give back to the society and share the happiness of their family.


~ We sincerely welcome media reporters to come to the school for interviews and reports ~

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