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(Academic Affairs Office) "Barbecue Activity" for the whole school in the first semester of the 111 school year of Mingyang Middle School

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  • Last updated:2023-01-10
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On December 23, 2023 (Friday), our school held a civic education "barbecue activity" for all students. Through the joyful atmosphere of barbecue, the interaction between teachers and students was strengthened and the friendship between them was enhanced.

Principal Tu Zhihong presided over the opening ceremony at the outdoor basketball court at 8:30 in the morning. In his speech, Principal Tu said: Mingyang Middle School is a big family. Through the barbecue activities, the cohesive force of the class can be united. In addition, I believe that students in Mingyang have a common goal, which is to leave school as soon as possible and return to social life normally. This is also the goal that we all pursue together. Based on this goal, we must face everything with a very serious and serious attitude. In the final period, all the students should pay special attention to the requirements of dietary health after the activities, and the ingredients should not be over-baked. I wish today's event a complete success.

With the active cooperation of the organizer's Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of General Affairs, this year's ingredients are genuine and readily available. Because there are a lot of ingredients, students who volunteered to start the fire at 7:30 on the same day. After the opening, each class immediately received the ingredients and was led by the class teacher to the barbecue area for barbecue, so that each student could enjoy the fun of charcoal grilled ingredients.

In a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere, each class also finished the barbecue activity before 12:00 noon, and returned to the dormitory for a lunch break with a full face of incense. (Office of Academic Affairs)

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