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Mingyang Middle School and the Qiaotou Branch of the Legal Aid Foundation jointly organized a lecture on the rule of law education and legal consultation publicity course. Theme: Drug Hazard Prevention Regulations and Practice Introduction

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The school and the Qiaotou Branch of the Legal Aid Foundation jointly held a lecture on the rule of law education and legal consultation. The theme: Drug Hazard Prevention Regulations and Practice Introduction. Lai Junyou, a lawyer hired by the branch, gave the lecture on October 11 (111) It will be held in the auditorium of the school from 14:55 to 16:40 on Sunday (Tuesday). 59 faculty members and 46 students participated in the course lecture on that day. A total of 105 people participated in the course lecture.

Objectives of the course: 1. To enhance the legal education concept of the host students and faculty members on the Drug Hazard Prevention Regulations. 2. Strengthen the legal literacy of the host students and faculty members, and understand the promotion of legal courses through the introduction of laws, regulations and practices. 3. It is expected that the host students and faculty members will build up the concept of law-abiding and anti-drug. 4. Construct the concept of not being curious about taking drugs, bravely saying "no" to drugs, illegal drug trafficking, drug crime and punishment.

First of all, lawyer Lai Junyou gave a lecture to introduce the legal source, purpose and circumstances of the establishment of the Legal Aid Foundation: the Legal Aid Foundation is the abbreviation of the Legal Aid Foundation, which was established in accordance with Article 3, Item 1 of the Legal Aid Law; It is a consortium legal person organization established with donations from the court, with the purpose of providing legal assistance to the economically disadvantaged. Branches are established in accordance with various local prosecutors' offices.

Lawyer Lai Junyou gave lectures and worked as a lawyer for many years to explain the content of the course with his practical experience and legal viewpoints. The topics of the lecture: 1. Explain the main points of law revision in 109 and 111. 2. The Drug Hazard Prevention Act provides for heavier penalties, applicable commutation provisions, and provisions for the crime of "recidivism within 5 years" for drug addicts. 3. Explanation and introduction of common practice cases.

Explanations based on practical cases and regulations on the prevention and control of drug hazards: 1. Heavy punishments for serious crimes in drug cases, and curbing the spread of emerging drugs. 2. Relaxation of observation, rehabilitation or compulsory rehabilitation period, the application timing of the system and the diversification of treatment modes for deferred prosecution. 3. Revise the conditions for commutation of sentence. The defendant must confess in the investigation and previous trials before the sentence can be commuted lightly. 4. Article 12, item 3, was added in 1111, and those who violated article 12, item 2, for self-use, and the circumstances are minor, will have a lighter statutory punishment and other key points of the revision of the law and the current punishment. Lawyer Lai's lectures are wonderful, concise, and rich, and all faculty members and students listen carefully to the lectures and gain a lot (Academic Affairs Office).

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