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4.4 Major Policies

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4.4 Major Policies

1.We advocate and carry out the requirements in the Ethics Directions for Civil Servants to create an honest image as civil servants. The requirements specify that we must not give or accept any gifts or attend unnecessary business parties.
2. We help students improve basic competence such as basic Chinese and math class and English recitation activity.
3. We facilitate vocational training and help students build occupational skills, such as automobile and motorcycle repair, baking and Chinese food cooking, to help students with career exploration and basic vocational skills.
4. We provide enrollment counseling on the Basic Competence Test for Junior High School Students, four-year college and two-year junior college technical program.
5. We carry out daily life discipline to help students build good living habits.
6. We encourage students to read and gain competence.
7. We promote club activities to help students gain skills and broaden their vision.
8. We provide on-campus counseling, including career, life and life counseling, and gender education.
9. We trace students who left school and provide counseling to find out how they adapt to the society and if they repeat an offense.
10. We improve our practice according to the “Accounting and Auditing Program for Reinforcement of Financial Control and Implementation” in compliance with the directives of the higher level. Accountants shall use a good chance or way to inform business units the guidelines for the disposal of expenditure voucher, and relevant rules including reimbursement and accounting review. They aim to make sure that the disposable budget complies with rules.


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