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(Academic Affairs Office) Standing on the stage, students confidently show their learning achievements

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  • Last updated:2024-02-19
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In order to cope with the changes in the types of club courses, the school's club achievement exhibitions for the first semester of the 112th academic year were held in the auditorium and library, so that students' rich learning achievements can be comprehensively presented.

The first thing to appear was the dynamic club performance held in the auditorium on January 15, 2024. Students from five classes, namely the Bell Club, the Aesthetics Club and the Popular Music Club, took turns to perform on stage, showing off their youthful qualities and the results of their hard work. During the event, teacher Huang Shihui from the bell-drawing club was invited to demonstrate and perform for all the teachers and students of the school. His high-level skills and professional movements won the audience a round of applause from the teachers and students. What will follow is the exhibition of posters and works in the library from January 16 to 24, 2024. Under the beautiful environment and the illumination of projected lights, it is not inferior to external professional exhibitions at all, and it also allows the teachers and students of the school to have a comfortable and enjoyable time. Appreciate the works of various societies.

After watching the students' performance, Principal Tu Zhihong specially encouraged all the students present: Don't give up any opportunity to pursue what you want to learn. The wonderful performance by Mr. Huang of the bell-ringing club just now was achieved through continuous practice. result. In addition, I encourage all students to find their own direction. This period of time in school will make your soul settle down, and the club is an activity that allows us to seek ourselves and find out the feelings deep in our hearts. (Academic Affairs Office)

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