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Kaohsiung City Model Fathers Association came to the school to hold a charity lecture on "Turning a Corner to Be More Wonderful"

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Our school held a charity lecture by the Kaohsiung Model Fathers Association in the auditorium from 2:30 to 4:30 pm on April 23, 2019. For this event, Chen Zhengyan, general manager of the outstanding company David Solar Co., Ltd., was specially invited to serve as the lecturer. It's "It's more exciting when you turn a corner". In the afternoon of that day, Mr. Fang Xinzhi, chairman of the Kaohsiung Model Fathers Association, led seven people including the executive director and general manager Chen Zhengyan to visit the school. This event was hosted by Vice President Lai Shiyang. Vice President Lai first thanked the Kaohsiung City Model Fathers Association for continuing to come to the school to hold charity lectures over the years, which has benefited the students of the school a lot. Then Vice-Principal Lai introduced the guests one by one to let the teachers and students of the school get to know each other. This year, the Kaohsiung City Model Fathers Association donated NT$10,000 to the school’s book funds, which was accepted by Vice-Principal Lai on behalf of the school. The school also gave a certificate of thanks to the Kaohsiung City Model Fathers Association and General Manager Chen Zhengyan. Then General Manager Chen started with a short video as an experienced person. He was once a gambling and video game tycoon. After a fight with the underworld, he was imprisoned for drug use. After being released from prison, in addition to successfully quitting drug addiction, he became more enthusiastic about public welfare and has now become the chairman of two companies. His rich life experience and good deeds of regret and improvement are supplemented by vivid and exciting explanations with pictures and texts in the lecture, which is more inspiring. to every student present. At the end of the event, President Chen Boyu gave away the words "blessing", "happiness", "harmony", and "peace" written in his own bird-and-worm calligraphy to those who responded well to the speech in the form of prizes. The students who received it were even more happy. They sincerely hope that the Kaohsiung City Model Fathers Association can continue to hold charity lectures next year.

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