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Introduction on the operation of Infirmary

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  • Last updated:2020-02-07
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Introduction on the operation of Infirmary


  1. Disease control and relevant information promotion:

    We arrange health education courses irregularly and teach students the elementary knowledge of hygiene at the clinic. We also invite experts and scholars of medical institutions to promote disease control at school. In addition, we borrow relevant teaching materials for information promotion.


  1. Health care measures:
  2. Doctors from the health insurance hospital come to school to provide medical services regularly. Students with acute illnesses or severe diseases but cannot be treated in school will be sent to contract hospitals.
  3. We cooperate with Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Gangshan Branch, a health insurance hospital, to provide great care for students.


III. Health check-up:

  1. Students receive a health check-up upon entering the school. We record and track any exceptional condition and provide necessary treatment.
  2. We ask contract inspection laboratories take a blood test regularly and periodically for AID and all kinds of infectious diseases. No one in school is suspected or confirmed as AIDS patients for now.
  3. We ask relevant medical units to perform chest radiography every year and there is no tuberculosis patient in school for now.
  4. Students receive a health check-up before leaving the school. The result is used for improvement of our health care work.


  1. We reinforce epidemic prevention measures based on the epidemic condition:
  2. We cooperate with local health units to implement necessary epidemic prevention measures.
  3. According to the Populous Institutions Epidemic Surveillance, we always monitor the condition of infectious disease and report the number of people infected with contagious diseases every week.


  1. We prevent narcotics hazards:

We carry out urine drug tests regularly and irregularly every month for students to prevent drugs.


  1. Environmental hygiene:
  2. We perform environmental hygiene check for the entire school every day and notify the relevant units immediately to clean up the mess.
  3. We cooperate with the Student Affairs Section to hold cleaning contests for classrooms and dormitories to maintain the hygiene of the living environment.
  4. We carry out sterilization for the entire school by using the hot smoke machine to prevent all kinds of communicable diseases, eradicate vector mosquitoes and prevent dengue fever.
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