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Introduction of the Counseling Section

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Introduction of the Counseling Section

The goal of counseling for Ming Yang is to correct and guide students to build strong physical and mental health for future rehabilitation. Over the years, we follow the spirit of adaptation counseling and holistic care to help students become a person with robust physical and mental health naturally, happily, and adapt to society smoothly.


Case management model

We use the database to manage the personal, family and counseling information of students for discipline. Counselors write case analysis reports to help us learn about each student and provide adaptive assistance.


Diverse counseling model

 ■   Development counseling: We provide comprehensive, preventive counseling based on development needs, including new student counseling, interpersonal counseling, gender counseling, career plan and counseling before leaving the school.

 ■   Intervention counseling: We provide intervention counseling for specific cases, such as violation, high amount of consumption, offense against sexual autonomy, drug offense, domestic violence, reporting for parole and referral.

 ■  Rehabilitation counseling: We require students with mental disorder or offense against sexual autonomy to receive compulsory treatment and rehabilitation.


Thematic counseling activity

 ■   Counseling activity course: Life education, interpersonal relationship, gender education and career planning

 ■   Mental health course: Orientation and psychology seminar

 ■   Small-group counseling: Small detoxification group, and small group for gender education

 ■   Publishing of counseling journal: Including Gender Education, Life Education, Career Handbook, Counseling Activity Lesson Plan and Teaching Material Summary, Small Group Counseling for Anger Management, Starting From Your Heart: Manual for New Student and The Way Home: Manual for Leaving the School.

 ■   Thematic event: Meet Happiness, I Don’t Complain during Adolescence, Homecoming Seminar, and Career Exploration Series.


Social resource utilization

 ■   Tattoo removal event: We hold laser tattoo removal events sponsored by charity groups to remove obstacles of employment adaptation for students and help students rebuild self-image.


■   Employment matching for rebirth and in pursuit of a dream: We work with the Taiwan After-Care Association and the Employment Center of Labor Affairs Bureau to hold job fairs and employment matching events to help students connect to society smoothly.

■   Adoption guidance social volunteer: We actively recruit discipline and social volunteers to show care for students by visiting our school or sending letters to them.


Tracking after students leave the school

    After students leave the school, we call the student or the family member of the student to check his social adaptation in education and employment. We also provide counseling and referral.

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