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Duties of Security Guards

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Duties of Security Guards: I. Patrol on campus and perform security-related tasks (1) Set patrol posts at the School’s surrounding lookout points and around the campus in order to build a security network and maintain the guard and protection security level. (2) Set a duty center at the students’ dormitory (Zhishan Hall), with guards on duty 24 hours; perform duties such as dispatching; supervise students’ activities (3) Perform patrol duties; patrol the dormitory after students are back from breaks on both weekdays and holidays. (4) Set three iron gates for the entry and exit of the guard and protection area and the control room. Supervise the areas 24 hours. Control access and carry out security checks to enhance security management. (5) Set vehicle check posts and second check posts with specialist guards on duty to check vehicles, materials and goods coming to and going out of the guard and protection area. (6) Assign specialist guards to supervise visits and check visitors’ belongings for security purposes; check goods brought by family visitors; for goods that are sent to students under special supervision, such goods should be sent to the Office of Disciplinary Affairs for further checks; keep the School free from prohibited items. (7) Carry out regular and random security checks to keep the School free from prohibited items for the security and safety of the School. II. Guard and protect students; transport students outside of the School (1) Transport students to the hospital for counseling or admission, to visit their families, to take part in exams, or to a different prison; establish a reporting system to keep off-campus guard and protection under supervision. (2) Perform guard and protection duties on campus; supervise students’ activities and enhance security III. Respond to acts of god, accidents, escapes and emergency situations (1) Prepare agenda for instances such as acts of god, escapes and other emergencies (fire and violence); carry out drills each year. (2) Collaborate with local police authorities for emergent support; establish a reporting platform for instances of escapes; enhance adaptability. (3) Establish operation procedures for instances such as earthquakes, fire, food poisoning, students committing suicide, escaping, violence, or riots; enhance adaptability and mobilization. IV. Store and operate security arms and equipment (1) Keep safe and maintain equipments for daily duties and guard duties. (2) Check and control the use of keys to all accesses on campus and security/guard equipment storages. V. Divide and allocate duties (1) Perform security duties on campus and its surroundings during day and night times (2) Allocate duties and dispatch guards. VI. Conduct other guard- and protection-related duties (1) Manage matters related to substitute service draftees, including dividing and allocating tasks for them; supervising their daily life and leaves; evaluating their performance; providing counseling; providing care and support, etc. (2) Perform other related tasks as assigned.
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