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Duties of the Infirmary

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Duties of the Infirmary A. Disease Control and Promotion Provide non-periodic health education lessons, impart health knowledge during clinical diagnosis, invite experts and scholars from the medical sector to promote concepts regarding disease control, or borrow related teaching materials to equip students with adequate health knowledge. B. Health Care Measures 1. Doctors from hospitals with the National Health Insurance pay regular visits to the School for diagnoses. Those diagnosed with acute or severe illnesses that could not be treated properly at school will be transferred to the contracted hospital. 2. The School has a contracted cooperation with Gangshan Branch of Armed Forces Kaohsiung General Hospital, a hospital with National Health Insurance, to provide ailing students with proper care. C. Physical checkup 1. Students are required to complete the physical checkup procedure upon admission. Any abnormalities shall be listed in detail, tracked and treated properly. 2. Students receive periodic or non-periodic blood tests for AIDS and other infectious diseases at certified medical labs. Currently, there are no suspected or confirmed cases of AIDS at our school. 3. Students receive chest X-Ray tests for tuberculosis each year at related medical units. Currently, there are none diagnosed with tuberculosis at our school. 4. Students shall receive a physical checkup before leaving the School and the checkup results will serve to improve school health services. D. Preventive Measures against Diseases 1. In cooperation with local health sector, the School enforces necessary disease preventive measures. 2. According to the Populous Institution Infectious Disease Surveillance System, the School shall monitor the condition of infectious diseases and report the number of the infected every week, if any. E. Anti-drug Policies Students would receive periodic or non-periodic urine drug tests every month to prevent drug abuse on campus. F. Environmental Hygiene 1. Check environmental hygiene throughout the campus every day. Related units will be informed immediately to clean up the areas that do not meet standards, if any. 2. Hold monthly environment cleaning competitions with the Office of Disciplinary Affairs to keep the overall environment clean. 3. Use a thermal fogger to sterilize the campus to eradicate infectious diseases and Dengue vector mosquitoes.
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