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About the Counseling Office

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About the Counseling Office For years, Ming Yang High School has upheld the philosophy of students seeking self-growth physically and mentally, as well as the ideas of individual counseling and whole person care to better adapt them to social life after leaving the School. Case Management Create a database to keep students’ personal and family information, as well as their counseling records, so teachers and counselors can better understand the individuals and provide them with appropriate counseling services. Diverse Counseling  Developmental counseling services: Provide comprehensive and preventive counseling based on students’ needs for self-growth, including admission, interpersonal relationships, gender trouble, career planning, and consultation before they leave the School.  Interventional counseling services: For individuals who are found guilty of rule violation, overspending, offenses against sexual autonomy, drug abuse, or domestic violence, or cases involving parole application or transfer of students.  Interventional treatment and guidance: Offer compulsory treatment and guidance to students diagnosed with psychiatric symptoms or those charged with offenses against sexual autonomy. Themed Counseling  Counseling activities: Life education, interpersonal relationships, gender education and career planning  Mental health activities: Freshmen orientation and psychology  Small group counseling: Drug rehabilitation group and gender group  Counseling publication: Including Gender Education, Life Education, Career Handbook, Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials for Counseling Activities, Small Group Counseling: Anger Management, Admission Handbook: Start from Heart, and Handbook for Leaving the School: The Way Back Home  Themed Activities: Meet Happiness, My Youth without Complaints, Alumni Homecoming Forum, and Career Planning and Exploration Social Resources Utilization ■ Tattoo removal: Launch laser tattoo removal plans with the donations from social welfare groups to help students better adapt to the workforce and rebuild their self-image. ■ Employment matchmaking: Co-organize employment expos and job matchmaking services with the After-Care Association and the Training and Employment Center of the Bureau of Labor to help students better connect to society. ■ Help from volunteers: Actively recruit volunteers from churches or other parts of society to provide students with care, personally or via letters. Follow-up Investigation after Students Leave the School The School will contact students or their family members via telephone after they leave the School in order to keep track of how they adapt to school or working environments, and provide counseling or transfer employment services when necessary.
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