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Duties of the Office of Academic Affairs

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Duties of the Office of Academic Affairs 1、 Formulation of the Education Plan: The curriculum planning for each semester is implemented in accordance with the Nine-year Integrated Curriculum Guidelines and Comprehensive High School Course Criteria. During winter and summer vacations, teachers design flexible courses for students to catch up with their peers. 2、 Enrollment, Class Grouping, Dividing of Grade Levels and Curriculum Planning: The student status is registered based on the “Points Governing the Student Status of Juvenile Reformatory Schools.” Students are grouped into classes based on their term of punishment, interests, student status, career planning and the number of students. For the classes of the Senior High School Division, certificate examination training and short-term expertise training are considered for class grouping, so that each student will take on the appropriate way to learn, and further cultivate a proper learning attitude and necessary skills for employability. 3、 Diverse learning and Integrated Teaching: General subjects, arts, and expertise training are equally emphasized for students to better understand their potential and interests, thereby sharpening their specialties and building up their basic abilities. Each field of subject is coordinated and integrated through such activities as proposals of cuisine invention for food business startups, writing lyrics and music composition, poetry recitation, and guided tours of arts and cultural activities, etc. 4、 Planning and Execution of Expertise Training and Certification for Students: Internship courses are organized for various expertise certificate examinations to fully carry out Ming Yang’s efforts in student learning and their acquisition of certificates. We have 1. set up simulated venues for Class C certificate examinations, including Chinese cuisine cookery, food baking, automotive mechanics, motorcycle/scooter repair, and catering and tourism service, and 2. cooperated with industry to organize practical courses for students to learn how to start up and run a food business. 5、 Student Academic Performance Assessment: Ming Yang fully carries out the assessment of student’s performance after treatment (for students with special conditions) and learning. To improve students’ learning attitude and achieve the expected learning objectives, the scoring by teachers of each subject in the beginning of every month is collected and recorded by the Teaching Section of the Office. Three exams are organized in each semester for teachers and students to adjust their instruction and learning pace, and to achieve learning effectiveness. Social resources are introduced for remedial courses. In addition, students are encouraged to attend entrance exams, such as the Junior High School Competence Exam, Basic Competence Exam for Junior High School Students, University Entrance Exam and TVE Joint College Entrance Examinations, by which most of the students have been admitted to other schools of higher level after leaving Ming Yang. 6、 Library Management and Borrowing Supervision: The automated borrowing and returning system was launched in June, 2002. Currently, the library houses over 17,000 books, 25 magazine brands and 2,045 multimedia discs. The monthly book circulation counts reach about 1,500, indicating the full functioning of the library. Besides procurement and donations from social groups, many books were donated courtesy of Ming Yang’s staff, faculty and students. 7、 Design, editing and Printing of Ming Yang’s Publications 8、 Student counseling in Cooperation with the Counseling Office: The Counseling Office is responsible for making case analysis reports for each student entering Yang Ming, in order to appropriately group the students into classes. Expertise training is highly related to the jobs students may seek after leaving the School. The Office of Academic Affairs offers the data concerning the certificates students have passed to the Counseling Office to facilitate follow-up observation and counseling. 9、 Others: Organize new teacher orientations, arrange on-the-job advance study and training programs for teachers, assist and instruct students in joining the arts and cultural competitions held by the Ministry of Justice, as well as various off-campus contests, and hold a wide range of contests that incorporate the teaching of all the academic subjects to add color to the teaching contents.
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