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Duties of the Secretariat Office

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Duties of the Secretariat Office 1. Annual schedule of the School 2. Proposals for improving service quality 3. Quarterly report on the performance of service quality improvement efforts 4. Internal control system 5. Self-assessment checklist for the entity-level controls and activity-level controls in the internal control system 6. Review reports on capital expenditures budget 7. Evaluation-related assistance for the Government Service Quality Award 8. Performance reports on major activities for the visits of general directors or higher positions of governmental units 9. Monthly report on cross-strait and international visits 10. Supervision on the self-evaluation of the School units 11. Supervision on the obligations assigned by the Agency of Corrections 12. Chronicle of the School 13. Timeliness control for official documents and expediting 14. Telephone etiquette test 15. Collect public opinion-related data
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