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Counselors Office

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The Core Tasks of Counselors Office

1. Organized Personnel Structure of Counselors Office

    There are the head counselor teacher, the section chief of counseling, the section chief of data, and the other full time counselor teachers. They are professionally in charge of the counseling affairs.


2. Analysis and Arrangement of students’ data

    The works of counselor office are similar to the investigation jobs in prisons. Students’ data are connected to the subsystem of prisons administration network. We establish and renew students’ basic information and statistics periodically.


3. Applying psychological counseling

    We are giving counseling service by the ways of individual and group counseling.  Counselor teacher edit their own teaching materials, such as Life Education, Equal Rights on Genders, and Lifelong Development. We are implementing the activities by guidance class group counseling, and etc. We provide all kinds of measuring tests and questionnaires for diagnosing and counseling effectively. By doing this, we hope students could correct their delinquent behaviors and fully develop their bodies, minds and souls.


4. Strengthen the function of counseling organization
    To coordinate the whole function of academic affairs office, and counselors office, we push enthusiastically the system of "teachers as counselors". We request Mr. Liao Feng Tze, a professor of counseling in graduated college of National Kaohsiung Normal University as the supervisor of our counselor teachers. We request him to direct our counselor teachers to improve their professional counseling knowledge and skills.

5. Holding the Meetings of Counseling Knowledge and Skills

    Periodically, we have the meetings of counseling knowledge and skills and workshops. We invite scholars to lecture and have meetings with counselor teachers to enrich their professional skills and have the effect of mutual communication.


6. Holding Counseling Activities for All the School

    We have monthly activities for counseling, such as psychological tests, theme discussions, movies, lectures books exhibitions, and rewarding Q&As. On certain festivals, we have some students activities, such as speech and literature writings, we provide the performing stage for students and create their own satisfaction for themselves.


7. Utilizing Social Resources

    The counselor office is eager to look for social resources and let some one who has loving and caring characteristics could come into our school and help our students. For example, the Christian Fly-Young Summer and Winter camps, the charity activity of X-ray removing tattoos, cooperating with Police Radio Station to produce the of program of "Naughty Kids," and corresponding with volunteers.


8. Tracking Released Students

    We keep tracking released students for understanding their adaptation to society. For those who have difficulties in finding jobs, we transfer them to the Association of Protecting Renew Persons and help them to find a new job. For those who have difficulties in school continuation, our counselor teachers will stand for them as the bridges between released students and their target schools for helping them to continue their education.


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