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Academic Affairs

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The tasks of Department of Academic Affairs

    The corrective education covers prison management and general education. It is an education realm for all possibilities. The persons who devote to corrective education should have the personality of loving, caring, fearless of challenges, and could make satisfaction from it. 


1. The strategy for focusing on doth fundamental education and patchwork teaching

    Lacking of fundamental learning abilities, some students could not catch up the same learning level as their peers. It was a big disturbance for teaching in the same class that has different learning levels. Therefore we take the strategy for focusing on both fundamental education and patchwork teaching after the class. Some teachers offer their private time for additional teaching and counseling to the students.


2. Inviting volunteers for assisting students

    Encouraging students attend the entrance examination for universities or four-year scientific and technical Colleges. Therefore, some students study quite hard, and we invite volunteer teachers to help them study.


3. Teaching according to students' abilities and aptitudes

    We want to wholly escalate students' basic learning abilities in junior high. In the senior high, we have vocational training and academic program. In the vocational training program, we have 5 different vocational trainings, and in the academic program. We have enthusiastic teachers helping students to pass the entrance examinations for universities and technical colleges.


4. Strengthen to develop vocational trainings

    We choose five fields for developing our vocational education: they are auto shop, motorcycle mechanic, Chinese food cooking, and computer. From the very beginning of training to now, we have excellent records. Our students passed vocational certificate tests for 100% in auto shop, Chinese food cooking, and baking. In the class of practical techniques of computer, we also have eighty-four students passed the test. But passing the C-class certificate tests could not satisfy our goal of vocational education. In order to widen and deepen "the training after getting certificates," we have the classes of gourmet and beverage blending. Now we are eager to develop the training class of B-certificates.


5. Separate Teaching Groups

    There are big gaps among students’ learning levels. In order to solve the problem, according to students’ learning abilities, we divided students into different learning groups for them to study the subjects of Mandarin, English, and Math effectively.


6. Arts Education

    We provide several arts courses, such as musical instrument playing, pottery, and handicrafts. We use these courses to stabilize students' minds and emotions, to discover their potential talents, and hopefully to mature their personalities. We have “accomplishments exhibition” for them periodically after learning.


7. Learning clubs for developing multiple intelligence

    There are two hours of learning clubs each week for every student. Students could choose the learning club according to their interests and aptitudes. Students will hold excellent accomplishments exhibition in the end of each semester.


8. Strengthen the library’s function

    There are reading classes each week for every student. We are eager to seek book donation from society. We continue buying, booking and arranging new and old books and managing them by computers, and we hope students could cultivate their interests in studying by using library.


9. Encouraging students participating in the literature and arts competitions outside the school

    Our students have high potential talents. After being directed by their teachers, they could have excellent performance in many aspects and receive honors from the competitions with the students outside the wall. Such aspects are: fine Arts, Chinese calligraphy, literature writing, and etc. we enthusiastically encourage students participate those competitions. Recently, they received honors which are stated below:the first prize in the writing competition of traffic safety for the senior high school of Kaohsiung County, the publication articles in the newspapers of China Times, and the fine works in the creative recipes in China Times activity of ocean fish cooking, etc.

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