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The Background of Ming Yang High School


    Ming Yang High School is under the Agency of Correction,Ministry of Justice. According to the regulation of Citizen Education Law, every citizen between six to fifteen years old should receive compulsory education, and those who are older than 15 years old and have not completed the compulsory education should receive citizen supplementary education. However, when the juveniles committed crimes and have been sentenced into prisons, they lost the opportunities to receive regular education. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) decides to fulfill the ideal of “Sentence for Education” and let the delinquent juveniles can have opportunities to continue their studies. Early in the period of time from 1973 to 1978, as a result of the regulations of private school Law and Supplementary Education Law MOJ separately started the supplementary education in Sin-Ju Juvenile Prison and the three Houses of Correction in Tao-Yuan, Chang-Hwa and Kaohsiung. But, because of the restriction of objective reality, law legislation, budget, and teaching faculty, the effects of supplementary education in the prisons were limited.


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    Before 1990, the juvenile Prison and the Houses of Correction had their own affiliated supplementary schools. In 1990, the MOJ put into practice to the schools, and Enriching Their Equipments and Teaching Faculty and the Ministry of Education was coordinating with the other ministries and changed the system of the affiliated supplementary schools inside the jails. The MOE put the Juvenile Prison and the Houses of Correction to cooperate with supplementary schools of elementary, junior highs and senior highs in the vicinity and formally established the supplementary schools of their own for the juvenile prison and the Houses of Correction.

    Nevertheless, there were some problems for implementing the new teaching system of the affiliated supplementary schools. Such as: the tasks of the affiliated supplementary schools inside the jails were almost taken by the teachers of the original cooperative schools or by the substitute teachers and part-time teachers. Because of lacking of full-tine teachers, the effects of teaching were influenced negatively and also the superintendence of the school works was hardly consistent.  Teachers’ poor salaries and benefits were upgraded hopelessly. Then, MOJ made a forward step to design and decide transforming the juvenile Prison and the Houses of Correction into schools. At May 6th, 1997, Legislative Yuan passed “The General Act of Establishing and implementing the Juvenile Correction Schools.”(Which will be abbreviated” the General Act” below). After promulgating and implementing the General Act, MOJ could transform the Juvenile Prison and the Houses of Correction into schools gradually in six years. The first and foremost two Juvenile Correction High schools, “Ming Yang High School” and “Cheng Chen High School”, were established simultaneously at July 1st, 1999. 


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