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Professional Achievement


Each year, the vocational program of the School organizes Level C technician certificate examinations for Chinese cuisine cookery, food baking, catering and tourism service, automotive mechanics and motorcycle/scooter repair. The following statistics show the number of students acquiring certificates thus far:


 (1) 190 for Level C automotive mechanic since 2001;

(2) 187 for Level C motorcycle/scooter repair since 2002;

(3) 251 for Level C food baking since 2002;

(4) 213 for Level C Chinese cuisine cookery since 2002; and

(5) 79 for catering and tourism service since 2009.



The majority of students passed the examinations, except those who were disqualified during the training process; our annual pass rate is nearly 100%.


To enhance students’ computer skills, the School and the Computer Skills Foundation have co-hosted computer skills examinations since 2001, including Chinese/English/Arabic, numerals, typing, Word Processing, PowerPoint and Web Design. A total of 792 students have passed the examinations and acquired certificates.

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